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Hi Guys, I'm Daniela and I am happy to presents another pool toys movie " exploding pool toys " created for inflatables lovers who enjoy to watch popping as well as delation scenes. We can say that we look not at the expense using an incredible number of pool toys for a great result, Enjoy to watch Dany to destroy one by one 20 Dysney clear beach balls, 10 striped beach balls, 2 giant beach balls, 5 infaltable big pneumatics, a big swimming ring, 3 small swimming rings, 2 soccer balls, 2 big sharks, a very big whale, a very big crocodile Don't miss it!!! and now a little description of the chapters: 01) She starts popping and slowly deflating some beach balls with the air compressor to enter in the atmosphere. 02) She sits on some differents swimming rings and she pops them by over inflation under her body weight 03) Now she sits on a big shark exploding it with the air compressor too, big pop.. 04) Its' the turn to use a baton to shoot and to pop other Disney clear beach balls. 05) This is the moment to explode a giant swimming ring, she turn on the air compressor to the end... 06) Now for some deflating scenes, she inflates some beach balls to be bigger and after she uses her finger nails to burst them and slowly leave the air out. 07) now she decides to try a big pneumatic, of course she likes the big noises, so she uses the air compressor to explode it. She sits on it during the scene. 08) Now some violent popping again, she experiment a new tecnique exploding some beach balls with a big hammer and believe me, the result is amazing, some very loud BANG... 09) Very satisfated of the hammer she she decide to use it again but this time on giant beach ball, no difficulties to do it and the final result is the same BOOM!!!! 10) Now it's time to sit on a beach ball ant to pop it under her weight 11) She really likes the hammer explosions discovered and she wants to stop to try, this time is the turn of a big big pneumatic to go BANG...!! 12) and she don't stop it, she try again on a big shark and she obtain the full target again BOOM...... 13) but there are a lot of pool toys on the scenary to destroy and she wants to try a rapid sequence of popping for fun so she inflates 11 beachballs to the limit, she prepare them near her legs, she takes the hammer and she starts the massacre. 14) wow the hammer method is fantastic! she can't stop it and she likes to have big explosin again.. well a great idea soccer balls are fantastic and she pops them... amazing again the noise is sonic... 15) she is completly excited and she can't resist to make other loudic bangs, she she use the aircompressor again to have the best noises with some big pneumatics and a sequence of striped beach balls. 16) After the beachballs it's time to work on the big whale, she sits on, she strats to inflate it, discover how she has poppe it... 17) The sceneary is near to be completly cleaned, but hasn't finish, now is the moment of others pneumatics.. BOOM!! 18) and great final... a big crocodile and a giant beach ball are the last vitmics of oursexy " pool toys serial ".DiVX


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