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Hi Guys, I'm Daniela and I am happy to presents my movie " Christmas Olympics " Filmed for Christmas, this movie is a collection of balloon popping games. I supposed to pop a massive quantity of balloons racing against the Crono and my high power inflator, how? now I will show you, but fisrt I want to say you that after every single race I won a prize and each prize consist in a various number of firecrackers for the great end. Yes cecause the last 10 minutes of the movie are completly dedicated to light and pop firecrackers and fireworks, in a fantastic outdoor scenary in an italian white beach. Don't miss it!!! and now a little description of the 10 games. 01) A lot of helium 16" popped on by one racing against the time with my nails and with some difficults added inside. 02) Fast 24" balloon popping race against the crono and with the gloves on my hands (no nails) 03) I supposed to pop a big beachball before the automatic pump explode a giant 40" balloon near me 04) Bare feet racing, me against the crono an a lot 16" red balloons on the floor. 05) Blow to pop by mouth two figurines againt my power pump and a big 40" near me again 06) Balloon expert game, I suppose to guess kind and size of 10 giants helium loon but blindfold myself, popping them 07) Crono race against the Air pump with the 40" monster again, I will pop as fast as possible 45 helium balloons 08) Pump to pop 5 big big balloons and cleaning a lot of 24" on the floor before the time expiring, really not esay to do 09) Blow to pop 6 beachballs with the air compressor in only 5 minutes, hard but possible you will see 10) Popping some helium using only my sweet little but before the time expire a nice fun game.


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