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Welcome to the newest Italoon's Video production " The Balloon Teacher " . It's a 60 minutes movie taped in HDDivx quality, completed by sub-titles in English (only if requested) to permit to all the looners to enjoy the dialogues between the two girls in the video. In this movie we've not one, but two lovely italian Girls: Sheril, " the Teacher " a gorgeous brunette with nice legs and generous boobs, and Elisa " The school girl "a very nice blonde with long and fine legs and a very sweet body. The movie is set in a Typical Toscana country house near a big river so you will appreciate the nice outdoor scenes. For the first time we have added a fixed sky camera to the main one with a great result. The balloons " employed " were kindly supplyed by Kaboom ( thanks alot!!) and range from a 16" to a 40" monster, plus some giant Figurines. Sorry... no one survived the terrible duo!! The movie starts with Sheryl saying hallo to Elisa and iviting her to the " Balloon School " to teach her how to have fun with the balloons. The two girls arrive in a room full of balloons filled both with air and helium, and start to dance n this lovely multi colorer " sea ", then the fun begins with Sheril who teaches to Elisa how to pop the balloons in various ways: by squeezing them nailing, stepping, sitting on.. each girl gets more and more excited at every pop. Then the teacher and her student, go outdoor and start to inflate by pump a lot of big and I mean BIG balloons to Pop, the italian countryside literally resounds with these huge booms when every balloon goes to heaven..Wow..!! When the outdoor victims are finished the girls return home and continue the session with a long " sitting lesson " on large figurines alternated with some very nice Blow to pop lessons. You'll enjoy these lovely butts and boobs bouncing on the latex orbs to pop...!! Now it's time for Elisa to learn how to use the helium valve. Sheril shows her how to make loud helium balloon bangs, while dressing tremendously hot, and assuming sexy positions during her " funny work " Elisa turns out to be a great student and well dressed too! Sheril, on the other hand, is the best sensual teacher on the net at the end of this segment the movie reaches a climax with a rapid multipop scene where the two girls get rid of a lot of helium bouquets with each balloon popped in rapid sequence Wow! One of the best scenes. So dear guys and girls you are warmly encoraged to buy this extraordinary italoon's production and you will not be disappointed!!!


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