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Hi Guys, I'm Italoon and I am proud to announce another greats movie " THE SPECIALIST 3 " created for blow to pop lovers who enjoy to watch a real looner girl, blowing to pop balloons of all kinds and sizes making extrordinary necks 14 diffent blow to pop scenes, great necks a pretty and fearless girls having fun blowing slowly the balloons for her and our excitement. She is incredible and she can blow balloons for over an our without stops. The movie is available for the shpping on italoon.org is possible to pay by paypal. Don't miss it!!! and now a little description of the chapters: 01) She starts blowing to pop a unique 16" exlaing to you the secret of making long necks 02) Now the first monster, a very hard blue qualatex 24" misslooner printed is ready to go 03) the third is a red 33" chinese that become really really big before making the bang 04) After the monster she whants to pop a special balloon, so watch her btp a rare greeke 22" 05) well now it's time to promote our special printed loons so a Rifco 16" misslooner printed, on sale in her ebay store 06) she likes the figurines, so why don't do it again? she fight and blow to pop easy a giant pink doll 07) The macig moment is arrived, it's the turn of our special giant RIFCO 43" misslooner printed. the bang is great 08) Then another very big and nice yellow 24" , look at the amazing neck 09) Another moster is on the way, a qualatex 36" that is a very bad client to pop.. 10) For the first time she experimnt a red RCR 20" , balloon very resistent and fun, another incredible neck 11) the next and last is a classic for Misslooner she loves blow to pop the 17" tuftex smilie


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