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01) She starts blowing to pop a bebal 14" to enter in the atmosphere. 02) Now she is ready, so she takes a Tuf-tex 24" Smilie printed and she blows to pop it with any difficult 03) Now she is hot, and ready to blow to pop something of extralarge, so she decides for a 40" tilly, great noise...!!! 04) After the monster she whants to pop a very big evert 28" printed 05) well now she is very excited and sitting on gl 700 and she finish 2 figurines 06) she likes the figurines, so why don't do it again? she blow to pop easy a giant rifco rabbit 07)Qualatex are also fun, but this time she wants a big one, a 24" star who explodes in some minutes 08) this balloon was cool so she decides for another big bang.. the victim is a south america 24" striped 09) What a nice day!! she is very happy and the show continues .. with a red miss looner printed 10) She is happy to be an italoon's girl, and she promotes my printed loons blowing to pop an orange 16".. but how? 11) She told me that she has fun at home blowing balloons of all kind in her room, but she hasn't tryed the 21" from Greece, yes a bit hard to blow, but nothing can stop her, she kill this big loon too. 12) Now a 22" from China, she explodes it in a few minutes.. too easy for the specialist.. the best, and she show that this loon can have a long neck like the others.. great noise at the end 13) After 50 minutes of non stop blowing she is ready for the great final, and believe me is a great final.. she blows to pop a 73" italian monster using the inflator, enjoy a supersonic noise.


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